Skiing at Snow Summit

This is the “Local Yokels” impromptu ski tips and report. – I was over at Snow Summit for a few hours on Wednesday and can say: All runs are AWESOME! The lines were short, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

The surface is a medium packed powder, with lots of really good snow to test your edges. There were a few small patches of ice that were insignificant and easy to stay in control. Midday, the shadows were freezing a bit faster than the sunny areas, but the overall was an extreme pleasure. Even “The Wall” had the lift running, though it appeared few were re-taking the plunge from that lift, since the snow was still on most of the chairs.

I heard the early morning was quite chilly. By 10, it was down to a sweater, a windbreaker and light gloves. The direct sun felt warm on the skin and I’m sure the tans were being created. Don’t forget your sunscreen and “lip smoothie”. Drink water!

The view couldn’t be beat! The scene at the top to the South, gave a full panorama from Sugarloaf Mountain in the East, over the San Gorgonios, to the San Gabriels peeking through the trees. The marine layer hid the San Bernardino Valley in the most gorgeous clouds that rose up to the lake by the afternoon.

To the North, the view extended well out into the desert in all directions, including what appears to be a completely frozen Big Bear Lake. (Careful! It only APPEARS to be completely frozen! Enjoy it, but STAY OFF!)

This weekend’s coming weather could only amplify what we’ve already got. If you’ve got good goggles, get out into the thick of it and blast down those slopes!

On a side note: We saw some Cross Country skiers coming out of the walking trail area at Stanfield Cutoff, across from the Middle School. The snow is fantastic! What a great place to get out for a lakeside mush!

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