Ross’ Grave

(7.3 miles) A 500-foot fence leads to the gravesite.

Little is know of Ross except for his name and that he was accidentally killed while cutting down a tree. Ross was buried on the spot. What made this gravesite unusual is that during those frantic days of gold fever, someone took the time to carve a picket fence to surround the grave. Unfortunately, in recent years, vandals and souvenir hunters destroyed almost everything. However, one corner post and a few pickets can still be seen at the Big Bear Museum. The log fence was built by volunteers in 1995. Virtually all timber now standing in Holcomb Valley has grown back since the days when loggers with cross-cut hand saws and “yokes of six” were taking the timber to nearby mills. Lumber and split clapboards were cut to build the boom towns of Belleville, Union, Clapboard and Doble. Heavy timbers were also milled to shore the mine shafts.

Ross Grave

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