Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Forest service roads make for some of the best mountain biking anywhere. There is no end to the possibilities for mountain biking in Big Bear. Drive into the forest, park the car, unload the bike and take off uphill. Be forewarned that these roads are largely un-maintained and will contain potholes, fallen rocks and other natural hazards. Unnatural hazards include 4-wheel drive vehicles which may also be in the same area, so stay alert. Carry water and let someone know where you are riding.

If you want a less rugged experience, the Snow Summit (909/866-5766) Scenic Sky Chair is open on weekends beginning in May. The chair lift takes you and your bike to the top of the mountain and you ride downhill back to the ski area or into the village. Although this is a downhill ride, the trail down is rugged and some skill and athleticism is necessary. If armchair biking is more your style, Snow Summit hosts various mountain biking races throughout the season which can be enjoyed in a very comfortable setting. Call Summit for a schedule or check out their website.

A beautiful and easy public biking trial is the Alpine Pedal Path. A 3 ½-mile round trip path that runs along the north shore of Big Bear lake, this paved trail with gentle hills travels through meadows, over streams and then through Juniper and Jeffrey Pine forest. One of the best places in the valley from which to view the Lake, this path is highly recommended for bikers and walkers. Park in the East Boat Ramp next to Stanfield Cutoff and take off.

For casual bikers, consider renting a bicycle from Bear Valley Bikes (909/866-8000) on the Boulevard near Summit Boulevard. This friendly and helpful local business rents bikes and makes sure that the bike fits the rider. Bikes can also be rented from Team Big Bear Mountain Bike Center (909/866-4565) at the Snow Summit Ski Area.

Mountain Bikers on the Sky Chair

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