Trail Descriptions – Lake Arrowhead

Trails in the Arrowhead area offer something for everyone, from beginner hiker to the expert, from short quick hikes to strenuous treks.

Over 14 trails from Crestline to Lake Arrowhead in various skill levels from easy walks to difficult hikes. Keller Peak and Strawberry Peak lookout towers are open daily from 9 to 5 through late fall.

Before setting out on a hike, be sure you have the proper clothing and you have allotted enough time for a safe hike.

Adventure Pass Adventure Pass required for parking at the trailhead.

Open for equestrian traffic.

Local Trails

Crab Creek Trail– 2W07 Moderate 2.5 miles, approximately 5 hours.Adventure Pass required This trail may include crossing Deep Creek. Do not attempt to cross Deep Creek when the water levels are high. Begin the trail on 3N34 west of the Crab Flats Campground where you then wind down to cross Crab Creek. If Fisherman’s Camp is your final destination, you’ll need to continue on to cross Deep Creek – but be aware: Do not cross Deep Creek when the water is high; it’s just too dangerous to risk.

Crab Flats Trail– 2W08 Moderate 1.3 miles long, approximately 2 hours.Adventure Pass required Starting from 3N34 ( west of Crab Flats Campground), the Crabflats Trail descends to meet the Pacific Crest Trail west of the Holocmb Crossing Trail Camp.

Indian Rock Trail– 3W15 Easy walk 1/2 mile, approximately 1/2 an hour. Adventure Pass required To reach the trailhead, go north on Highway 173 to the Rock Camp Station. The trail leads to large stone slabs the Serrano Indians used for grinding acorns into flour. The Lake Arrowhead Woman’s Club stone memorial commemorates this encampment site of the Serrano Indians.

Little Green Valley Trail– 2W10 Difficult 1.5 miles, approximately 3 hours. Adventure Pass required The trailhead is on Highway 18 between the two entrances to the Snow Valley Ski area. A steep climb leads to 2N19.

North Shore National Recreational Trail– 3W12 Moderate 1.7 miles, approximately 2 hours. Adventure Pass required From the Lake Arrowhead Marina, go east on Torrey Road. At the first left, take the dirt road to 2N25 to the trailhead. The trail descends to Little Bear Creek and then to 2N26Y.

Pacific Coast National Scenic Trail– PC2000 Moderate 40 mile segment one-way or you can hike shorter segments Points of Interest: Holcomb Creek, Deep Creek, Devil’s Hole.The Arrowhead segment covers 40 miles between FS Road 3N16 at Holcomb Creek and the Boundary Bridge near Cleghorn Mountain. However, hikes on the trail can be broken up into much smaller segments with entry points at 3N16 (near Crab Flats Campground), 3N34C (Splinter’s Cabin) and from Highway 173.

Trail of the Phoenix– 2W09 Easy paved walk .5 miles, approximately 1/2 an hour. Suitable for handicap and blind hikers.Adventure Pass Required The trail is located at the National Children’s Forest (Keller Peak Road). Interpretive signs along the route are all in distinctive print and braille. Grade is 5% or less.

Nearby Trails

Hot Springs Trail– 3W02 Difficult 1.5 miles, approximately 3 hours Adventure Pass The water in the Hot Springs pools contains a rare and sometimes fatal disease. Do not submerse your head in the water. To reach the trailhead near Bowen Ranch at the Forest’s northern edge, you will need to cross private land (toll fee). The trail then goes south across Deep Creek to the Hot Springs pools. Look – but don’t touch – for the waters of the Hot Springs are know to carry amoebic meningoeucephalitis which can be fatal if contact is made via the eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

Seeley Creek Trail– 4W07 Easy Walk 1 mile, approximately 1 hour. Adventure Pass Required

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